Pale lower leaves, please help

Hey guys after some advice, I’ve got 15 photos in, gold leaf, purple h, and banana. Spread out in 20 sqm setup. There’s one particular Goldy that’s yellowing at bottom trying to diagnose it .


Recycle setup. Split over two ressies.


Feed every 3 hours for 15min. ( Done this for years)

15 600 HPS mainly China hats. Each space has its own one.

2 250 exhaust out connected to carbons in the roof.

2 8 inch air in

250 ducted aircon zone dedicated to the area.

Plenty of oscillator fans

Heat control is a bitch in Aus so I’m struggling to keep it under 37c ( even with its own ducted zone)but considering the temps outside lately that’s a fair effort on its own

pH 6.3 and been checking and adjusting after feeds.

Using pH perfect connoisseur but seriously not sure if it’s coz I’m going half strength it doesn’t balance itself. Definitely don’t ditch pH stick even though they claim this.

From seed ilgm. Under a T5 until fair size to go, probs few weeks under t5. They got transplanted 3 days ago into main setup. Bulbs were 600 above tops and is not hot on the hand. With air pushing around consistently

Was feeding them 1ml l a and b and 2ml tarantula. Just dumped ressies and have lowered it to close to 0.5 ml p/l. Added tarantula at 2ml still. Just raised the lights by eye sight not measured so unsure the exact amount they went up but was at least another 10cm. These things I’ve done are just me doing process of elimination.

A bit bout me, definitely not my first rodeo, but have had close to 10 year break. Done plenty in my time but don’t claim to not learn something new every grow. This one’s a curve ball coz I’ve never had similar to diagnose.

Photos shit as they are on but can get one just before bed time if need be. Top looks lush and very tight growth.

Cheers guys

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