Pale-green-yellow marijuana leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

.i have a problem with a couple of my plants and was wondering if you could help please…the problem is they have started to turn pale green-yellow…and the leaves have started to curl down like a claw at the tips and are curling over at the edges and dont seem to be growing as quick and as big as the others…im growing in soil compost as with all of them…they have all been given the same amount of water every 4-5 days…havent given them food etc yet as it is in the soil medium already…i water them with a water ph of between 6.5 an 6.8…room temp is between 22 an 25 degrees C (am i right in thinking it might of got too hot in there causing the edges of leaf to curl up)…im stuck…they look healthy except for the pale colour and clawing of leaves etc…how do i solve this please…

Pictures, or its all lies :smiling_imp:

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