Pain Salve Recipes for Nerve Damage/Pain

I would love some recipes! I have nerve damage and would be amazed if I could make something that would work. Even if it worked a little bit! I’m loving the idea of using the roots…I may have to look more into that for sure! But…if anyone would be willing to share other recipes…bring it on!! :wink:


Here is one I have been looking for on my computer! @Ozzymomma1

Pain recipe

The recipe I use cures skin cancer (if you were to have it) and cures pain, such as arthritis, severe pains and migraines and etc it works fast those are benefits as well as it works with 10-15 minutes of being applied on the skin, you rub it on your skin…works absolutely great. From majiktoker ILGM Forum

It takes an:
1 oz of trim
16 oz of coconut oil
1 oz of beeswax
1 tablespoon of vitamin e oil
And add any other ingredients (you can use emu oil or tiger balm in replacement of beeswax, personally your choice)
Start by melting weed in coconut oil, then mix the bees wax in after 90 minutes, then once fire is off out add in vitamin e oil then put in containers and than in fridge until cool do not freeze

A half dose would be
14 grams of trim/ ABV
8 oz coconut oil
.5 oz of beeswax
1 half tbsp vitamin e oil

This came from majiktoker via @garrigan62


I started making a recipe very similar to yours and love it!! I have chronic pain from a spinal cord injury in 09. The recipe is like magic instant pain relief!!
I recently started to add a few essential oils to the mix and it really makes it phenominal!! I added orange, peppermint, and lavender.


Glad to hear you are getting relief @Jazzy_girl thats super! Welcome to the ILGM Forums! Are you going to be growing for your meds?

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Yes I grew this past summer outdoors and had a fantastic result. I’m daily new at it and am planning to grow again this spring.
I’m glad I found this place! It looks like theres alot of information here.


Yes there is a lot here. There are also some great tutorials on the seed shop side too. ILGM recently began using Youtube as well.

Are you going to grow outdoors in the spring again? @Jazzy_girl


Oh thank you!
Yes I really enjoyed growing outdoors!! The whole process was really enjoyable! I have a great area with full sun where they grow fantastic! I just found the 5lb grow bags on here and I’m going to use those this time.

How long is the weed in the coconut oil, just until it melts? Looks interesting.

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I decarb mine first and then put the coconut oil in a crock pot on low. Then add the decarbed trim. I cook for appox 36 hrs on low or 220 degree. I recently added some essential oils and some grapeseed oil into the mix. It turned out so magical and fabulous for pain relief!!!
There seems to be a number of different ways to do it out there. Its def worth making!!! Works better than any pain pill


Once its done cooking do you have to strain it or anything? Do you add anything to thicken it or is it usable as it is? Where there’s dope, there’s hope!


Yes, wait for the oil to cool a bit and then strain through a cheese cloth and strainer. Then wash out the cooking device and add bees wax , melt. Make sure not to over do ot because it wont harden until its fully cooled. You can put some on a spoon into the fridge for a few minutes to test.
I poured my essential oils in, mixed well. Then poured into my containers.
Keep in the fridge until ready to use.


I got that recipe from @garrigan62 so I will defer to him

But I think you let it go for 90 minutes!


I do believe this is what @bob31 was referring to:

I have personal use this and it works great

6 0z’s of coconut oil
1-2 Oz’s of sugar trim or flowers, using flowers them selves you’ll have a stronger affect (relieving affect)
1 oz of beeswax
1 tablespoon of vitamin e oil
Get a saucepan, melt the coconut oil. Throw in the flowers or trim when oil starts melting. Then let it simmer for 1-2 hours DO NOT boil. After an hour or 2 whenever product darkens and starts to get crispy (preferably once crispy because you will strain). Remove all crispy trim from coconut oil and leave on low flame, than that’s when you’ll mix in the one oz of beeswax and once all the beeswax is melted shut flame down and immediately stir in vitamin e oil do not wait to add because it will start to solidify once removed from heat. After vitamin e oil is mixed in get storage container or containers and put in the container(s) than stick in fridge. Also optional but if you want to add fragrant to the salve you may do so at the same time you add vitamin e oil
Do not freeze.


Can someone share cookie infused marijuana recipe?

The easiest way is to do the cannabutter and substitute for butter/ oil in a recipe. @SmoknGranny @AnneBonny probably has something handy

Yep. Make some cannabutter or canna oil and use the equivalent measure to whatever oil/butter your recipe calls for :+1:. Just search on this and other forums to find the best method to decarb your buds/trim as well as the different methods to make your oil or butter.

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@FredyJohnSmith JohnSmith

Here you go. Lots more recipes in the Members lounge under recipes but this will get you started…unless you have a peanut allergy that is.

Thanks for the tag @bob31


good advice,agree with you

Good insights here.

Cco mixed with blue emu. I’d say for each 1/8 cup blue emu, add a tsp of cco. Great for radiculopathy.