Oxygenating Wick System For Hydro Marijuana Garden

I’ve got a wick system for my hydro marijuana garden and I wanted to know if it’s possible for the wick to absorb and deliver enough oxygen to the roots. I shake the water first to oxygenate it. Is there anything else I should do?

Love marijuana grow rooms with a wick system :slight_smile: With a wick system, the roots are always provided enough oxygen. The air exchange is adequate in the container for the roots to gather the right amount of oxygen. Wick systems utilize woven nylon ropes to pull water up to the planting medium. The water is automatically drawn up whenever it’s needed as a way to maintain a precise moisture level. Many planting mixes stay at a moisture level that is sufficient for plant roots to draw upon, but have good drain and maintain enough space for air in between the particles. Seeing as how water is drawn up to the medium rather than by flooding, air spaces are continuously maintained and the already used air (which contains CO2) is transferred for oxygen-rich fresh air.

Wicks constantly draw up water, which is trapped in a thin film around the sides of the threaded nylon. The surface area is then increased in relation to the depth of the water. This results in the water absorbing oxygen.

It’s feasible that you could find root growth going down through the openings in the containers that follow the wick to the reservoir, which would produce a dynamic root system in the water. These water roots have less branching, no root hairs, and a thicker base. They are also adapted for absorbing the water-nutrient solution.


Wick systems are a pretty easy and cool way to grow. At 1 point I used a wick system, then I added oxygen stones to the reservoir to insure a high oxygen level for roots that made it into solution. From there I switched to a deep water culture system. I would look into the deep water culture system. It is a very clean and easy way to grow some dank ass weed. I have heard. :smiley: