Own made Seeds won't germinate!

So this is my 3rd time crossing different strains for seeds, but this time the seeds I got from multiple plants won’t germinate:

  • I pollinated from a Top Tao male auto plant a regular female Top Tao auto, a feminized Royal Cookie auto, an feminized LSD auto, and 2 feminized royal gorilla auto; all the seeds I got or I picked them from the plant when they were abt to drop or dried the buds and picked them after a month, so end result was that none germinated. Some of them. Sprouted with only a tip of the white little root to be pointing out and all activity froze and they eventually rot.
    I tried the same with a mafnificient Tangie regular male and an feminized Orange sherbert plant, a Tangie regular female, a feminized Royal Gorilla, so far 1 seed I got from the tangie and 4 from the Orange Sherbert won’t sprout.
    Any advice on what might be the cause of this??

How do the seed look are they nice full seeds ? Or they shriveled misshapen and white? I have a hard a a bag if gorilla glue seeds probally 75 80 seeds…they wound sprout and get about 2 inches tall and then just start mutant type plants would stall and dampen off everytime 15 tries some times. Not ment to be

The seeds look perfect from the outside, some seeds from the orange sherbet were sprouting on the plant, but same thing, just the tiny head of the white root comes out and evthg stalls (I put them into a water cup like I always did)
I cracked many seeds to have a look at the inside, the actual “embryo seed” looked healthy but it did not fill all the way to the shell, I don’t know if this is normal or the embryo seed should be filling the whole space and touching the inner sides of the shell.

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maybe too much wetness

Did you let them mature long enough?

Yeah that’s what’s Makin the seeds sprout while still on the mother, but why are they stalling

Yes I did, I picked them off the mother plant when they where a bout to fall and very well formed…

healthy seeds will fill the seed covering.

with that many seeds and prior good hatching …some factor in the equation is not correct.

suggest you try putting “just the tip showing” seeds in between two moist(not wet) paper towels.
transplant when tap root is 1/4" long.


I never soak a seed. I use a wet paper towel and move to starter plug when tail is 1/4". Usually takes me 36 hrs. I germed 1 week ago tomorrow and they went in soil today. What your describing seems like too much water. Perhaps when your soaking it, since the whole hull of the seed is not filled, it’s filling with water and begining to dampen off.

What am trying to say guys is that I don’t think the problem is coming from the method am using to germinate the seeds, bcz I always used the soaking technique with success, here are 2 current pictures

Last year seeds with the healthy tap root continuing to grow

This year’s auto seeds where we can see one seed starting to crack onto germination, I soaked them 36 hours behind thus the difference in germination progress. What typically is happening with these ones is that once the tap root is out they stall. So here is what am thinkin:

  • Could there be a genetic reason?
    I think not bcz I used 2 different males with mature healthy pollen
  • Could be uncompatibility with the strains?
    I think not, I crossed many different plants and strains for them all to be uncompatible plus last year all different combination of crossing were viable
    So am left to think about 3 possible reasons:
    1- The organic pesticide I was spraying during polinisation messed my seeds formation
    2- The seeds might need overwintering???!
    BTW the 2nd picture these auto seeds I put in the fridge for almost 10 days to see if that helps
    3- unlucky bad non viable pollen from male parents

What do you say

1.i would have to research the specific pesticide.
2.The over wintering your talking about is called dormancy. There is physical dormancy (thick outer shell etc etc) and chemical dormancy (abscisic acid, promotes germination and gibberellin, ends seed dormancy) could be a genetic problem but most likely the seed didn’t reach full maturity and lacks the proper amount of one of those chemicals.
3. Could be bad pollen but I’d think bad pollen would make no seeds especially not ones with embryos inside.

My first thought was dampening off from bad germ methods but since you cleared that, what kind of soil where you putting them in? Was it a sterile medium?

About the pesticide I can’t research it cz Its made from different plant material, it would be quite difficult to research each, but islt is all organic, let’s leave this pint aside for now bcz seems we are having a breakthrough

last year seeds update, they are germinating quite good so far and ready for soil transplant

This year auto seeds (that I tried to germinate many with no success) out of 10 seeds 3 have a tap root showing and one of them has a tap root length growth they never reached before and looks like it’s not stoping
I don’t know if the fridge time they spent helped, I will be sure tomorrow when I check on them

And about the medium I tried to grow them with, if it was sterile: they never reached the medium before, as I said they were stalling and rotting, and one more thing I noticed was that they quickly developed on the water surface like fungus that held the seeds on the water surface together, while I don’t have or had this problem with other seeds unless u leave them in water for 3 weeks


4 out of 10 auto seeds germinated perfectly,
There has to be something that changed, I tried with the same batch over 45 seeds but none succeeded a full germination,
So maybe they needed some cold temperatures to activate or they just needed to rest and dry a little more to improve germination rates


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