Overwatering and flushing

Am I the only one that’s puts a shop vac on the outside of my fabric pot if I think they’ve been too wet for too long? I’ve only done it 2-3 times but it can’t be that bad for the roots…it sucks in air into the soil and helps aerate it after too much water.
This is what I just did; Tuesday I watered/fed but today I realized that I should be flushing as the plant is close to finishing. So today I flushed and was sucking up the runoff with the shop vac. After I finished I ran the vac around the bottom of the pot to try and suck out excess water. It should suck in fresh air over the roots right? It’s also a ten gallon pot so it stays wet for a while. I don’t think there’s enough suction to damage the root, I’ve never had any negative results. Anyone have any input?

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I haven’t used the soft pots but I have heard of people using a shop vac to chuck up the runoff but have never heard of anyone using it on the pot itself.
If it were me I would prefer to put a small fan blowing on the pot to help dry it out rather than using the shop vac.