Overwatered or nitrogen deficiency?

I have plants outdoors in pots (South Australia). I suspect it is overwatering as the soil moisture meter indicates “wet”, but could it also be a nitrogen deficiency?
General gardening advice (not cannabis-specific) suggests moving an overwatered plant into shade, even a sun-loving one, which I have done. But is this the right approach? Can the plant recover and if so, what is the best way to do it?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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that late in flower it is common for older fan leafes to turn yellow.
the plant is moving the nutrients stored in the leaf to where its needed, the buds.
She is eating herself…
now in full flower is not the time to put her in shade…


Thanks for the advice - much appreciated. I assume then that putting them back in sunshine they will recover?


it probably will get worse… but its very normal for her to do that. keep feeding her as per your flower schedule and let her ripe till harvest

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Looks more like a cal mag deficiency if not just eating up its own chlorophylls i would leave it in the sun. The sun is whats gonna do the rest of the work the plant needs. They never tell us take the plants out of the tents when we over saturate them. The heat from the lights or sun will dry out the pots a bit faster than sitting in shade. U do u but id put it back in the sum amd let the sun do its job. Good luck and welcome

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