Overcoming wilting disease

The last picture is all that’s left of super skunk. I had to remove 2/3’s of the plant from the top and left the new growth. One day it was up and feeling good and then this happened all of a sudden. It just wilted completely, except for the new growth. It had been two weeks since I had topped her and she had a bunch of new growth spurting out.

PPM is at 750

I got cheap with the soil and it doesn’t have much aeration once watered completely, but the plant was germinated in a container with 70% pumice and 30% top soil mixed with vermiculite. I had transplanted the plant in five gallon container with half topsoil and half vermiculite. I believe this was a soilborne infection.

Soil pH was at 5.8

No signs of bugs on leaves.

The roots were actually healthy. No signs of root rot

All my other plants are healthy and received same watering schedule. Some days I water everyday, but just a little. Other times I water until runoff and don’t water for 3-5 days.

The plant is still alive and the newer growth is still alive, but I’m confused about what this all is and if it’s contagious.

What are your thoughts?

The infection/wilting started at the top one day. I watered it and it perked up, but then one-day it wilted from the top, again, and then it went completely limp. The reason I cut 2/3’s was because the stem felt weak at the top and I assumed the infection started at the top and coming down, but then again I don’t really know. I do know it’s still alive, somehow.

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Oh man!! I’m so sorry :disappointed:!!

No need to be sorry. This is a lesson that I have to go through. Maybe it will help others. At the end of the day, it’s for our community as growers. We learn together.

Maybe I should have given her some Viagra.

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Hahaha maybe!! But I still fell bad for you!!

There was a sinking feeling associated with this discovery, but not all seeds/plants are meant to survive or contain the"good genetics" everyone talks about. If I’m being perfectly honest, she had the slowest growth of all my plants and I was always concerned about her. She was just starting to spurt up and out.

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