Over pruned GSC

From a fellow grower: I wanted to ask a question on the Girl Scout cookies from my first order, these are about eight weeks old.

Maybe I over pruned them or prune them at the wrong time, I see they have begun to start to flower right after I pruned them.

But now no new leaves seem to grow, is this because it’s flowering and it’s using all the energy for flowers instead of new leaves?

Any leaves that existed have begun to die and fall off. But the flowers seem to be continuing to grow, just curious if this is normal for flowering season.

Will the leaves grow back once flowering is over?
How do I know when to cut off the flowers, in other words when do I know they’ve grown enough?

2 photos below (any advice is appreciated)

Over pruning is an understatement. But I see other problems as well. Plus it looks like a subpar light. This grower won’t get much weight when its all said and done. :pensive:

I recommend them joining the forums for proper help. Not enough details.


Yea I’m with @MrPeat. Looks like nute deficiency maybe. Hard to tell from the pic. And judging by the size and he said 8 weeks old it’s an auto. In which case pruning shouldn’t be done at all, in my opinion.

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Didn’t know that. I’ll keep that in mind. I’m getting ready to do some clones. I could us some help. Shaggy

@Hellraiser is the clone guy. I run autos not photos.
But I have heard that 100% raw pure organic honey is a great as a cloning agent. Apparently alone is as well. I’ve read a lot about the value on here.

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Check out my cloning journal and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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