Outside grow what you think

What you guys think, I’m growing outside, humidity approx 60-70%, temperature 21’c, has direct sinlight for 3 hours and water a day yes and a day no, vitamins every 2 weeks or so.


Is there any way to possibly get it more direct sunlight throughout the day? 3hrs is ok 5 would be bare minimum and anything over 8-10 would be great. Which region do you live in? How many hours of light are you getting? Just remember the less time the plant has sunlight the smaller the plant and yield will be, however the more sunlight you get the bigger the plant and yield will be. Just my opinion. Also what other kind of vitamins are you giving it.

Its certianly gets more than 3 aprox 6 my bad on that :p, im in europe and im my country the climate is perfect for them, for vitamins not sure but its a blue sunstance with a green box, its usefull for more yield and the flower looks bigger and stronger with it

Don’t give it any nutrients yet. Still too small for that. I would hold off until you get at least 3 sets of true leafs and even then only give it 1/4 strength.
Also don’t overwater at this stage. It doesn’t have many roots yet so it won’t be able to take up a lot of water. Typically when they are still small like that I’ll just mist the soil with a water bottle.

Do you PH balance your water? If not I would recommend getting a PH meter (not the probe kind that goes in the soil but the pen type.) a lot of issues Can Be prevented monitoring your PH values.

Thanks for the info, what i go i have a small spray bottle and spray her with water ofc sometimes instead of giving a cup or so of water is that a good thing? I have a ph meter yes for my aquarium but dont use it for my plant, should I use it and what is the best ph for, the only water I use is rain water or dehumified water for my plants which is the best you should use what you think?

Hi. Everything you give her should be pH tested… in soil the best pH is 6.5… rain water sounds better than dehumidifier water. You should probably even test the rain water. Also more light equals more growth. Good luck

Yeah when they are seedlings I pretty much just try and keep the soil moist not wet until I see 3 sets of true leafs (the leafs that look like cannabis leafs)
I have heard others use dehumidifier water before but keep in mind it might be lacking in micronutrients so you might need to add some of you start to see a dificiency. As for rain water I’m not sure but if they were out in the wild that is what they would be getting so I wouldn’t imagine it would hurt. But either way I would definitely check the PH of either just to be sure it is in the correct area.
I would need to know what type of soil you are using in order to give you an accurate PH value.
When growing in true soil the PH tends to want to be higher. If using a soiless mix the PH tends to want to be lower. I’ll see if I can find the chart that gives you the recommended PH values for each medium type to give you an idea.

Sorry about that I meant to reply to the OP

Here is the PH chart I was referring to. Depending on your medium this will tell you where you want the PH level to be

Here is the PH chart I was referring to

As for soil, in my region the soil has adapted a neutral to acidic ph, so it should be in that range but I will check to make sure. I use half normal soil and half pit ifs a mixture of both, usually that one of the nest things to do for plant growths.

If you want to get the most out of that plant I would suggest ordering some flower power from the IL GM site Hugh Yelds you won’t be disappointed wait till you have at least five sets of true leaves before you start any nutrients