Outdoor Vegetable Garden HELP 🚨

I came out about an hour ago. I’m trying to get a feel for the entire garden as to what gets light and when. As you can see from the picture below, this morning sun is blocked by this tree at about 80%

So basically the 20% of the Sun that is getting through is very nicely covering one side of the 6x6 bed with only one side of the lattice in the morning getting full sun as seen from the picture below.

I’ll do my best to continue to monitor it throughout the day as to how the sun moves and how much light is getting into the beans.

As far as the Japanese beetles go it’s the only thing that’s giving me a problem in the pest department with the green beans. There were a few holes in the net and I’ve repaired them since then I am not found a single beetle. I plan on doing some pruning today to get rid of all the skeleton leaves that they’ve left behind. I also have neem oil that is came in I’m not quite sure how to cut it down as they do not give you directions for that. But I plan on using it soon. So we could potentially rule out pest.

Improper pruning practices I can roll out as I have not pruned them at all I didn’t know you had to. If not pruning them is an issue then I have an issue.

Inadequate temperature, with the temperature average 98 degrees daily. I would assume if they don’t like the heat then they’ll never grow. Where the hottest state on the East Coast

Let’s hold off on fertilizing the beans, they are legumes and are nitrogen fixating to some degree.

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Ok. I’ll just water as needed. No nutes or runoff juice. :pray:

If the sun were the minute hand first picture that I took earlier this morning was at quarter of.

Now the sun is directly at quarter after and is totally blocked the 6x6 ,(green beans) so we got about 3-1/2 :thinking:hours of Sun this morning but it’s getting absolutely no sun right now.

@Lostgirl Don’t feel too discouraged, my beans are drowning in marigolds.

I have todays photo dump

It is clear that I was stoned when I seed, I think that this is Atlas tomato, It is determinate and is throwing out a ton of walnut size tomatoes.

Here we have Future #1 growing in a 25 gallon pot

I can’t decide if she is just showing sex or if she is beginning flower, she is showing pistils from top to bottom

The next four are my mystery autos, one is apple strudel (some clue as to which, this being a good candidate)

This is my runt, I know this is not Apple Strudel

My Cherry tomato

Jubilee, I think

My watermelon


Cucumbers are doing their thing

Pie Pumpkin

Big Boy

Pea pod

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What do the magnolias do to the green beans? Fight pest?

Don’t you worry about bugs having all your weed surrounded by vegetables?

The idea is that marigolds will repel pests, I just over did it. Next time 1 per pot.

I forgot my first cucumber

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I got cucumber flowers but no cucumbers. That’s another thing I didn’t prune or top or whatever the fuck you’re supposed to do with them.

That looks more like a pickle.

I wanted to grow pickles when I first started out the garden. I love deli dills. I went to Walmart, K-mart, Lowe’s and Home Depot. No one had pickle seeds.

I definitely do not do that with them.

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I think that it was Home Depot

It is going to be a challenge finding them, they have managed to intermingle with other vines and marigolds and tomatoes.

I swear that is a vegie orgy in there. There is Cannabis though.

Thanks to the aliens above, we’ve gotten the 27 straight day of no rain has been interrupted by a 13-second rain mist. At 100% humidity and 99° today it blessed us with a windshield fog up. My tomatoes are going to love that.

The aliens definitely have a sense of humor

Doing a side job all weekend. Indoor carwash with 100% humidity and 98 degrees. Putting a waterproof coating epoxy Simi gloss on the walls

Spent 10 hrs today prepping everything. Alot of work and cutting in.


Be sure cool off frequently


I got up at 5:00 a.m. watered the garden. Today is actually a feed day on the girls however I didn’t have time to feed them as I had to roll out by 8:00 a.m. to get this side job done by 10:00 p.m. tonight. It’s an hour and a half drive to the job site.

I picked up the girls they weren’t loaf of bread dry so I can give them an extra day. They’re calling for rain today and high of 89 so I’m assuming temps will be somewhere around 99 in the car wash with 100% humidity.

Another happy customer :partying_face::tada:

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Water paint, Right?