Outdoor Vegetable Garden HELP 🚨

I will do my best to route tomorrow’s showers to you, but Bentstick usually intercepts them.



Rain Wed,Rain Sunday, strong storms on Tues, yep its late July, Aug here, but chilly atm (compared to the last months)


A little Dab will do Ya’

I have so wanted to say that.


Well the visit to the garden was pleasurable today. Everything was standing at attention with slight overnight growth. No sagging ect…

There’s one cucumber that’s questionable and one watermelon that’s questionable other than that everything looks to be back on track

After doing some math it looks as if I overfed by approximately 4 times what I should have and also fertilized at the stems.

I’m assuming that everything is still slightly hot regardless of me pulling out the few inches of soil that I fertilized. In your opinion do you think I have at least a couple of weeks of water only before trying nutrients again?

Not too sure how over fertilizing will affect the microbial/fungi life in the soil but my next feed I’ll do a hand feed and add fresh microbial/fungi life and feed for them.

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You may have enough nutes for a season in there, so yes, you have enough for several weeks. I wouldn’t fert unless they show a need. But that is just me.


Good 2 hear! Wish i had more answers for the nutrients. I mainly just be getting lucky :joy:


Oh I feel the same way. I just have no idea how much would be in there.


Water only until you see a need but that’s going to a bit.


My veggies are all way behind with the cool wet spring. But my blueberries are loving it.

Watering time. I dug a creek side channel a decade ago for watering plant trays and grow bags.


@noddykitty1 that looks like my buddies place in Kentucky!!!

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Paducah Kentucky

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Nope Pigeon Creek, down in a holler!!!



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The Garden is back on track. Everything is full of life and doing well. Yesterday was a deep water day so unless temperatures rise to the mid-90s today I’ll consider this a dry day with no water.

Green Peppers

Green beans :beans: just full of life

Cucumbers they look better than they have all year. There is one little straggler that I believe I should pull up but I’m giving her a chance to recover

Cherry Tomatoes:tomato::tomato: very healthy

** BIG Tomatoes :tomato:** look great

Summer squash can’t ask for more

Watermelon :watermelon: incredible recovery :heart: it’s like day and night from 2 days ago


Well of course they doing good they have your midas green thumb touch going for them, just leave the 10-10-10 in the bag!!! :rofl: :rofl:


Good morning guys there’s still a question that I have in which I’m unclear on any answer that I’ve ever received on it. I’ll explain below…

I have three garden beds as you know that’s filled with compost & garden soil

I also have some bags 10 gallons with tomatoes etc. these bags have old cleaned used Happy frog soil

My question is in regards to watering and the method to be used.

For the most part I’ve been hand watering the garden with tap water from the hose that’s pH to 6.5 this is not only time consuming it’s a pain in the ass.

Frequently it rains. That’s a benefit, a free watering from the Lord. When I don’t have time for hand-wandering, and it doesn’t rain I break out the garden hose and I deep water.

The garden hose water (tap) has a pH of a round 8.1 I’ve been told by a couple of you to stop me and watering and just use the hose.

Here’s where I’m lost.

The Happy frog soil was rejuvenated I had to run off pH of about 6.3 9

God only knows what the pH in the boxes are containing the garden soil.

The question is, how is anything in the boxes or bags going to have nutrient availability with garden hose pH of 8.1

Help me understand?
Thank you in advance

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Here is how we handle our veggie plants, plant in pots on deck, water them, I use millorganite every 4 ish weeks or so when they need water they get the hose, 7.9 ph and then I dont worry about it, are our veggies a picture perfection propably not but we do get veggies every yr and they taste great, the big garden out on the farm only gets water, and once fall hits the wife is canning for 2 months non stop.


:joy: LOL you make it sound way too simple Big Ben. (Gas and go attitude) I love it! Round peg round hole type shit :v:

Yah, I’ll admit I’m over complicating it because I am who I am.

I’m looking for a scientific answer (one that I can analyze and pick apart) and there isn’t one.

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Those peppers are SCREAMING, "TOP US!!!. Just saying…
Everything looks great!

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