Outdoor success so far

We have a few varieties but the monster is NYC Diesel. The purple is my auto flower,


Wow! They are super nice looking. I just love how big the outdoor grow plants are. Thanks for sharing. I am just pea green with envy! :green_heart:

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Haha yes it’s so much fun growing with the sun. Just wish the fires here would let the sun shine. All smoke recently.

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It has been bad here. I am eastern NM. The skies have been pink or hazy and faint smell of smoke. Guessing from both CA and CO. Heartbreaking about the redwoods. It saddens me beyond words at what is happening between these fires and the devastation of Laura. I am SO ready for 2020 to be over. I hate to even think ‘what next’.

How in the world do you get 1 plant that big? I’m amazed! And how many pounds does that yield? I live in steep mountains a chopper would find that in a minute! I live in drug free Tennessee! Zero tolerance!our mountains are great for moonshine But we have to tie our plants down!