Outdoor plants just not putting on mass? Please help

So I got a couple of plants (I believe they were started from seed) from my father-in-law at the beginning of the summer I was about a week and a half late and getting them planted in their larger containers because he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with them. I did some f’iming and Low stress training. And I’m really happy with the results I created about 10 Cola sites on one and maybe seven on the other. but my question is does it look like my plants need anything different because both my father-in-law‘s plants and his other buddy’s plants are

much further along in the process than I am. I’m feeding my plants quality nutrients from general hydroponic not overdoing it. And it seems like everyone else’s plans are just so much further than mine. I was wondering if it’s maybe because of all of the additional budding sites that it’s taking longer because there’s just so much more going on than a couple of colas up high? I also live at about 1000 feet elevation as to where the other two gentlemen are down at about 200 feet and under. Any ideas?
General hydro -bloom A And B
Heavy 16- prime
Big bud
Atomi- Bloombastic
I gave them cal-mag the last feeding for them first time as well.


Looks like early flowering.
Takes time to bulk up. They look normal for early flower.
Here is a before after look for what to expect.

Do you have a frost danger in your area?


Do you put your plant on a wagon and drag it around into the sun, and out of the rain? If so that’s a cool idea and I’m copying it. I’m gonna build a mobile planter

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You just made my night! If mine fill out half as thick as yours did I’ll be very happy. I’ve been watching the overnight lows and if it gets under 53 at night I will just roll them inside into the garden. :wink:


Yes, I’m lazy and the sun moves Arounds the trees all day. So I just drag it. When they first were planted I could fit them both. But now They won’t fit. Lol also moving them around a lot. I think helps get light into more different parts of the plant. And the way it bounces around I think probably makes the branches stronger overall. Just from not being stationary and never moving or rocking except with a fan or watering

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oh geez that aint lazy. well maybe you are I dunno haha but that’s effort, a solution to keeping buds out of the rain late in grow to prevent bud rot, and yeah light. And I’m serious, its happening. The mobile garden. Pics next spring…

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