Outdoor Mix Pack, Reccomended by ILGM For Upstate New York

I live in Up State New York where it is challenging to grow outdoors due to shoirt season, bad weather, pests and so on. But I got a skunk clone last year and I was hooked.I provided her with some cover after getting hammered by 4 or 5 wind and rain storms. She always snapped back some times the day after the storm and seemed to like getting hammered by the weather. I made it to harvest early november, but The powdery midew was a 2 month battle with several organic type treatments from Neem oil extract to peroxide to milk, I tried them all. I even washed some of the harvested plants in I forget what solution. This year I’m way ahed of the game. I purchased 10 Amnesia Haze Feminized, Super Skunk, OG Kusk and some Gold Leaf Feminized. For some reason I thought the Gold leaf Feminized were Autos so I put them in 3 gal Fabrick pots. Well they are 6 feet tall and root bound. They are 2 weeks into flowering and I was wondering If I could carefully transplant the Gold Leaf into a bigger pot. I grow organic and between the peatmoss, perlite and promix plus a few times the soil got dried out, its hard to get the water and teas to the roots. I finally soaked the pots in a tub of watter and they sucked up an amazing amount of watter. The while plant just got happy almost instantly.Lime green leaves turned to a healthy green and leves stay up all day and night noiw it seems. I still have about 6 or 7 weeks of flower and think a 7 gallon pot and some fresh Ocean Forest soil may help. If so is there any thing I should add to soil why I have the plant out. Thank you very much. I have so many other questions but this online forum is new to me. Thanks

Idk if you can repot that far into the game? But if you do no need to remove the plant from the fabric pot just plant it into the new container, the roots will grow through the first one

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Don’t transplant. Just dig out a hole from the dirt in the bigger pot and put her inside the bigger pot. The roots will grow through the fabric from the smaller pot once they’re buried and protected from the air and light.

The plant in the front right 5 gal pot was a 1 gal I set inside the 5. She grew up to give me about 70 grams. :v:


Yup, roots will grow right through a fabric pot.


Thank You Very Much. I will keep you posted.

Thank you so much. Ill keep you posted

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