Outdoor grow in promix question

Just caught this while checking my emails.

We need to know what you are using for fertilizer or nutrients before we could help you with…what to add. Lime is already in ProMix. Read the Bag. Mag should be in any nutrients you could apply but, if you are attempting to be organic; That is another story.

I await your reply as to how to plan to add nutrition to your ProMix

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Hi, sorry the delay @blackthumbbetty & @latewood. Currently I’m in a 80/20 promix bx & perlite. I use gh trio with armor si on feed days and do a (feed feed feed ppm around 800 ph’ed as close to 6 as I can get, which is rough with the silica)(water+CALiMAGgic) I’ll probably add a sprinkle of Epsomsalt on the tops and in September do a top dressing of seafood compost to get ready for flowering, while also boosting the ppm’s to 1200 increasing the bloom and reducing the micro while tapering the grow off. They will be in 20gal smart pots if I haven’t already said that.
Thanks for your input, greatly appreciated