Outdoor grow in dirt

This is a 6 feet banner in the ground was lovely no rain so I feed it got nute burn bad. My question is will it make it buding a little as you can see 12/12 starts Sept 26 ?

It’s been raining for the last 3 days hope for a good flush

That should do it. Get an updated pic up tomaro n goid luck with ur girl. Sorry about that nasty nute burn. She may pull thru tho

I think she’ll make it. There’s still a lot of green there to help her along. Think of her as being in ICU right now, pay close attention to her.

Shes getting overnuitted from all the rain… flush , flush , flush… soil is to hott… :wink:
The rain isn’t flushing her out… it’s just enough to make things concentrated… flush , flush , flush… :wink:
Ph is also extremely out of whack…
I would also be looking for bugs… there’s alot going on there my friend… :wink:

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thanks everyone she looking better it’s raining pic later. Here’s a picture of the one in the house Blue dream 6 days after final flush cant wait lol huge buds that are turning blue on some sides


Still swelling up? Or did u cut her down?

I cut her down

I cut the one you see down . Baner outside is doing great harvest is oct 29 my birthday lol