Outdoor grow help/advice needed

I have three different outdoor photoperiod plants growing. One planted in March and two planted in May. The biggest plant that’s in the 30 gallon bag fell over after some wind so I am just training it to grow flat and to the sides. Anybody ever done a grow like this? Any things I should be doing different? How much longer before flowering stage starts?


Looks like you super cropped it :green_heart:


Good evening :blush:. I don’t see any problems with that. It will start growing up before you know it. Happy growing :blush::v:

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I’ll tag a couple of people who torture… or, I mean train their plants :rofl::rofl::rofl: @Arrow @kaptain3d


Looks good,! Only thing i would do is give them room to grow. The bags are very close to each other.

Also might want to raise them off the ground to get air around the bags. You can use rocks to raise them up. I find on the ground the roots try to go through the bottom into the dirt.

Happy gardening


@1Cam, I also would spread them out if you can, as for the 1 laying down, she will become a beast, but she will also need the room for you to maintain her. As for flower time, it depends. About the time you drop below 14 ish hours, they should start the stretch. Where I’m at that is mid August. Happens every year. :v: