Outdoor Clones (first time grow)

What’s up guys this is my first time trying to grow. I spent a pretty penny on seeds that just went to waste. I was have trouble germinating them, I went to a local shop and bought these bad boys (OG Kush, Original glue). I’ve been using a goose neck LED from Walmart. I just got my grow light from Amazon. I’ve been trying to acclimate the plants outdoors. A couple hours in the sun, then at night back indoors to the grow light. The only problem is I live in a desert, if you guys have any tips please let me know!!! I’m still trying to figure this out. My ultimate goal is to make some Moroccan style Hash. When’s the last time you smoked some hash?

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Welcome Wockhardt
Yesterday… :sunglasses:
I remember the best hash I bought was from India back in the eighties …
Pink Floyd…Brain Damage & Indian Hash…Oh Yeah


When’s the last time you smoked some hash? 10 minutes ago your plants are begging for more light I harden my my plants by putting them outside on the north side of my house and slowly over 5 or 6 days move them into the sun good growing

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The only issue is I live in the desert, today was 105. I’m still trying to figure out how to protect the plants from the sun. Do you have any suggestions?

Last night. Best bet is a Greenhouse, short of that put them suckers deep in the ground and figure out regular watering. Try to shade them somehow from the harsh midday to evening sun somehow.

Plant them on one side of your house for example or behind a tree. Wind may be an issue in the desert so stake them.

Your plants should be ready outside for sunup and moved back indoors with a light till a couple hrs after dark. In a few weeks leave em outside.

Your plants are stretching due to an inadequate light. Put them outside at daylight. Leave them outside all day but acclimate them first.

Good luck

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I live in CO with low humidity but only a few brutal days over 100.

I put mine in a place where they only get direct light about 6-8 hours a day. I have to water daily when it gets hot. I have used tomato cages and covered them if they look like they are burning up.

I also plant in 20G bags outside so there is a lot of soil to keep the roots cool.

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