Outdoor cheese growing

hi guys,
Lately I travel frequently so I moved my cheese (dinafem) outdoor. In a hurry I did not find the
very best place because the plant is not very hidden, but very far from the city has plenty of sun and the river is near.
The plant (1 month cheese-dinafem, 50cm, topped, 8 colas) is growing fantastically!!! (Wow, what a difference between indoor and outdoor growing!)
The longest period I will be out of the house is from the end of July to
the end of August and I’m worried that the plant will survive for
15-20 days without water.
I know the answer depends on many things but I just wanted to tell you how much
I was surprised to see how the plant grows in outdoor conditions (although there is a lot of fear) and I plan for next year to find a better outdoor place and plant at least 3 plants since the place where I live has a lot of rivers, inaccessible places and sun.
Happy growing