Outdoor Budget Question

How much should I expect to spend on everything needed to grow outdoors?

It depends on your climate and how big you want to grow them. If you live somewhere very hot, you’ll need a support structure to put shade cloth on.
The bigger they get, the more caging and support they need.
If you live in an area with very strong winds you’ll definitely want 6 inch field fencing for support.
So, costs can range from very little up to around $800 if you need extensive protection from wind and Sun.

All of my wind blocks an or branch supports i always took from the nature around my grow only thing i spent money on was ph meters, ph up an down and the line of nutes i was using…spent a total of 150 an grew 10 plants off that before i had to buy more nutes

is it legal to grow where you are ?

Plus if you plan on getting into the 12ft and taller will change some things to and also hail can do some damage to

@ThcinKC Nah I think I’m just going to be doing autos

(5 )7 gal fabric bags- 10.00 shipped
Kellogg Organic potting mix- 4 bags 24.00
Huge bag of Perlite- 7.00 (mix soil and perlite 65/35 depending on environmental factors)
Seeds- ?
Fox Farm Trio Feed- 24.00
PH and PPM meter- 25.00

This small budget produced me 9 oz usable buds and about 2 oz trim/popcorn buds from 4 plants. I grew White Widow Autos. Total weight for so far for usable bud (one plant still being stubborn) on this budget grow is 24 oz from 14 WWA and about 5 oz trim/popcorn buds.

@NavyVet420 is ph up and down not required?

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@Cubby You can use natural around the house items:

Organic “pH Up”

  • baking soda

Organic “pH Down”

  • lime
  • lemon
  • vinegar

I am on well water so I have no chemicals in my water and my PH is 6.4 so I never had to adjust

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Nice wish i had that well lvl✌

@NavyVet420 o if I got FFOF which is 6.3-6.8 I could ph test all of my water before feeding and i wouldn’t need them?

Always PH check your water before feeding. Make you toubdoba run off PH test after watering. Lets you know if you need to adjust up or down. Ultimately, you want your run-off PH to be between 6.3 and 6.8 but ideally 6.4/6.5.

And won’t need them? FFOF is something I don’t kniw much about other than what I have read in forum.

Yeah I will I just realized. Does a ph meter work in soil to? I thought it was just water

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@Cubby Water, some go into soil but not accurate enough.

When you water, collect draining water and test it for PH level. This is where you know how to adjust incoming water. You also need a TDS/PPM meter, same thing different names, to ensure you’re not under/over feeding.