Out of the closet

Out of the closet…Spent first night out

Planning on burying to container


Do u have drain holes?

Yes 3 about 2" up from bottom …1" gravel in bottom…FF soil

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Can I ask why your going to bury the container and not just transplant the whole thing into the ground ? Just curious @Stoney1 looking good tho

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Our soil is nothing but sand…so I reached out to the Forum and one response was to bury in the ground. The container will keep the soil together and retain nutes and promote root development. Our ground can take a 2" rainfall and in 1/2 hr the soil is dry. I have had terrible experiences and had this xtra plant…our sunlight and temp are just like the fall right now.Just buried container today. In wk 2 of flower

Interesting, the creativeness you use to combate your local issues.

I thought it was tough to deal with the cliement where i am, but i think your chalange has be beat. Good luck with your grow.

Buried the container and she is Happy…Responding well …Will add pic in few days