Out door grow, shuld i bend the plant?

so with the change of the season, natural sun light changes in duration and angle/arc across the sky. with the limits of location and trees, buildings and other light obstructions I thought I would bend one of my ladies to catch more light during the flowering cycle. but, being new to growing, I am not sure if this will stress a plant being that it is her flowering phase. if any of y’all have exp. in handling flowering ladies please let my know if it is fine or harmful, thoughts and comments are welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

this a pic of how far along the flowers are.


bending shouldn’t stress the plant if there is no breaking (LST = Low Stress Training)

i just bent a main cola after bud started and she just turned upwards to deal with it (the other buds raced ahead of her and are now plumping up)

that was immediately after i tied her

about 5 or 6 hours later, after lights up

The day after that

i support your bending!


I think its a good thing!


they look good :grin:

Bending helps make more bushy plants, takes advantage of light, keeps them under any height limits, et cetera. The earlier one starts the better. I like to use pvc coated wire and tie down all the tops that need it.

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