Ottawa Outdoor Harvest


Love this forum! Just wanted to get opinions… is this ready for harvest? Or should I give it one more week (also outdoor grow, im in Ottawa, Ont… so its maybe around 10 C during the day and just about 0 C at night (Celsius).

First 2 photos - one plant
3rd photo is another plant.


Can’t see the trichs from those pics but I can see some male nanners in the second pic so you can expect some seeds.

Ok, so that one is maybe not worth keeping… which is fine, however my second plant, im hoping is gonna be ok… (ill be starting fresh and getting autoflower fem seeds) … first time doing this haha.

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So i took that plant out. My other plant looks good. (Thank God lol)

Hopfully when I harvest the one I have left, it will yield a good amount. :crossed_fingers:

Is it worth smoking the hermie…? Im keeping my eye on this plant. Close eye.

Definitely. It’s still bud It just has some pollen sacs in it. No biggie.


Thank you so much! I appreciate all the help! I am excited to see what Ill get out of this harvest! :smiley: