Organics with the Hippie

Hello all my crazy farming friends. I hope you all have been having a great few past couple of weeks. Time to get back to the old bump n grind!
Side note: My wife and I just got back from an amazing very time at Mt Shasta. One heck of a spiritual weekend. We have been wanting to go for the past couple of years. All I can say is wow!! Is this going to be home? I could possibly see it in the future. Much love…

In to the garden. Sorry for the yellow leaves. I have been super super busy. I will be removing them all through this week. Life sure is busy at times.

The buds are starting to forming nicely and starting to smell. Each strain this year definitely has its unique qualities.

As the tops start to flower the inners start to slowly disappear. Natural selection. Causing the leaves to turn yellow and slowly wither away.
What a beautiful beautiful thing!!

Down to the stalks things start to change. Splits are healed and branches are snapped.

Of course I can always count on Brotha Duke to be waiting sending good vibes.

I hope you have a great week. Find time for the ones you love and enjoy the things around you. Life is pretty cool.

Happy farming…


WOW runner your knockin’ it out the park :clap:…shows what can be done organically…'Guru ’ of organics…absolutely awesome…Stay Happy Gro- brother


Thanx buddy. We are pretty lucky to be able to grow such an amazing plant :slight_smile:


Looking :eyes: outstanding @HippieRunner1 :star_struck::partying_face::fire::four_leaf_clover::evergreen_tree::peace_symbol::crazy_face::heart::dash:


Thanx @Big123. Time to sit back and relax :slight_smile:


Monday I mixed up and applied the last of the dry amendments. 3 cups sea bird guano, 3 cups bio-live, 3 cups worm castings and 1 cup humic acid. Everything got mixed together and applied. 1 cup per plant.
Happy farming…


Looking Stellar Sir. :sunny::sunny::sun_with_face::sun_with_face: all the hard work and dedication shows.
:beers::beers: to the finish line.


Happy happy Friday everyone. I hope you al have had an amazing week. Time to kick back and relax.,. Almost!
The garden is moving forward nicely. A few days of rain and temps dipping below 40. Ya I would think the weather is changing. Fall here we come!


Howdy HR
Your plants are looking superb.
I have a happy little tree ready to go outside in November. :grinning:


Well thank you :slight_smile: I’m o be honest with ya I’m getting alittle worn out with such a large grow. I think next year I will be cutting it back to four.
She’s looking good man. Make sure to keep me posted as far as your grow journal :wink:


Looking :eyes: freaking :star_struck::peace_symbol::slot_machine::four_leaf_clover::fire: phenomenal :evergreen_tree::rainbow: @HippieRunner1

I’m going to use part of my space a little differently next year, and give them more room to get wide. Instead of three 200 gallon bags, I am doing just 2, and give each plant more space.

Weekend cheers :thought_balloon::partying_face::peace_symbol::heart::white_check_mark::dash:

Partial side of Backseat Preacher photobombed :bomb:

I think she will come down with the Fire :fire: sign Harvest Moon 9/29/23 :four_leaf_clover: I sprayed BT and PureCrop1 tonight.


I don’t even know how you do it without help. Need half an army to trim. Or a killer machine, still a ton of work.
Have to admit though it is a stellar grow, even though you were concerned in the beginning.


Thanx! I’m always alittle scared at the beginning of the season. Seems to be a trend in my life ok

Did a massive yellow wad removal in the entire garden today. Also gave them al 5 gallons of freshly brewed tea. Very basic for the last round. Molasses, worm castings and humus from the yard.

Lastly I sprayed everything with PureCrop. 5 gallons it took. 80% on the underside with 20% on the upper side of the plants.

Thank goodness for the weekend. :man_farmer:


Holy moly :evergreen_tree: what a forest :deciduous_tree::slot_machine::rainbow:

Autumn cheers @HippieRunner1

5 gallons each


I should have posted the whole quote, I thought 5 gallons of water/PureCrop1 mix was a lot of spray :crazy_face:

Honestly man I still got about 6lbs from last years harvest that still needs trimmed. It’s bucked and all and has cured up nice just not guy trimmed. Lol. My wife and I have just been trimming as we go kinda. Well for the past 1 1/2 months.

Heck I think we need to trim up alittle this afternoon for the next few weeks. :crazy_face:


Over this past couple of years I have resized that humans can collect alot of stuff. A lot of unnecessary stuff you could say. One of my goals from here I out is to live alittle more simple.
With this being said we will only be growing four plants. Each will be in 200 gallon fabric pots. My wife and I have been talking about strain and how hybrid they have become over time. We are going to kick it alittle old school and go with the following strains.


Panama Red (GC)
100% Sativa

Lambs Bread (GC)
95% Sativa 5% Indica

Afghan (ILGM)
100% Indica

Hindu Kush (ILGM)
100% Indica


Best wishes and enjoy, are my wishes and thoughts, for us all.
Thank you for sharing and caring.
still breathing and learning, DDD


It looks like you need some regular genetics too :evergreen_tree::slot_machine::crazy_face: