Organic with foop

Hey y’all, been enjoying everyone’s posts. Doesn’t seem like people are getting max yield. If you want 2 to 3 pounds from a 4x4 do these basics!

Lights: 750 watt Mars hydro e series.

Nutes: foop canna

Pot: 7 gallon (5 plants perfectly fit)

Soil: fox farm mix of 2 best kinds

Foiler: spray everyday with foop mist when lights out on veg stage. Spray until halfway into flower.

Cycle: 20 on 4 off

Genetics:. ilgm seeds,

Water: everyday for veg. Every other or every 3 days for flower.

Control temps and humidity and pH everytime .

Hopefully I can help this community and find more help myself!

Pics feature second grow with gorrilla glue, Bruce banner , and girl scout cookies. Reach out for tips and tricks.

Ohh, and I use no stress training or techniques. All I do is de leaf the fan leaves after veg stage into flower.


got some sweet bud stacks

Hey im getting 9 ounces from one auto flower and this run im looking at 9 ounces or more from one auto flower again im growing with organics aswell but im using dry amendments now if i was doing photos i think i would be getting a pound or more here is my plant

Its a critical purple auto it will be ready at the end of this month


Thanks for sharing! Where are you located?