Organic suplement for CalMag?

So I discovered to have calmag issues with my grow and was wondering what I could use organically to fix this issue. I was thinking about Dolomite Lime but people said it mostly act as a pH buffer and will take a while for the micronutrients to break down…

Desulphured molasses and epsom salt dissolved in your waterings I usually do 1/2 Tablespoon molas and 1/4 teaspoon epsom every gallon of water double that during flower( the epsom salt also has safe sulfur and sugar feeds microbes) for every gallon of every watering

@GreenSnek would this be a good one? So plants receiving carbs and sugar is a good thing?

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Yea or you can just go to your local grocery store for 3 to 4 bucks less and Epsom salt is usually in the 1st aid section(get non scented) and some people give their plants straight sugar water but I like the micros in molasses

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