Organic Growing using Biochar and Compost Tea Video

Here is a link to a very informative video to organic gardening that could be helpful. Brighteon


Reminded me of Doc Wallach now called a quack for other reasons (90 essential nutrients) but he spoke of communities growing food with charcoal in gardens having longest life least disease etc because the minerals recycled

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I use BioChar in my soil mix and compost tea is a must!

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:speaking_head:Char char char. I am still singing the char song. Love it. It’s like installing the nutrient and microbe cruise control on your car. Or living soil turbo boost.

In my opinion it is the most underutilized low hanging fruit in all of agriculture.

Remember folks, Spent can filter charcoal is grade A premium char. You are throwing out gold nuggets w the bath water if you don’t make biochar with your spent can filters….


You sir are a genius. I run 8in exhaust and have kept my old ones, never thought about gutting them like a converter :joy::joy::joy: theres paydirt in that there metal!

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