Orange pistils showing to fast idk

Is this normal? White Widow auto about I forgot how many weeks into flower but trichomes are half cloudy

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Hello @bilallove3316 first welcome to the neighborhood, it is normal for your pistils to darken as they age this will continue til harvest. They start white and straight as the calyx grows the pistil will get dark then curls and at the same time new pistils will grow towards the end as the bud ripens there will be fewer white and once 50-70% are dark it’s time to start watching your trichomes. Make sure you are looking at the buds and not the leaves because leaves are liars

Ok thank you I appreciate it. When wil I start smelling the aroma and not plant??

About a week into the cure is when it starts smelling really good. If you rub the stems and smell your fingers you will get a teaser of smell. You can do it with your buds to but the more you touch the buds the more you damage your trichomes and trichomes are your best friends they’re the ones that carry the thc around for you

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