Or could this be a natural progression of the plant maturing?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"Hi, I have an issue with my grow. I only have two plants, their in a sealed environment in a hydro set up. I used tap water which in Australia has added calcium. I’m using gen hydro flora gro, bloom, micro & calimagic. The plants are in their vegetative stage and the particular issue I’m having is a yellow/white leaves toward the base moving from outer to the interior of the leaf. Can you explain this?

Green crack and blue dream one of each, between 9-10 inches tall.
Modified timber cupboard with plastic inner walls
Hydro setup.
Clay pellets.
54 liter tank.
Water pump (150 Liters per hour) 10 inch air stone.
Ph of tank solution is 5.11.
Solution temp is 27.2 degrees Celsius.
Standard general hydroponics vegetative mix (flora gro, bloom, mirco and calimagic) which is 3 ml per 3.75 liter - 1 US gallon. And rock supercharge root tonic 1 ml per liter.
300 watt full spectrum light at a distance of 21 inches. 18 hrs on 6 hrs off.
Temps are regulated at a constant 27-30 degrees Celsius.
Humidity, 55-60 percent (approx)
No constant fresh air, air swapped out 2-3 times daily.
Air is circulated in grow house by fan.
No ac, humidifier or dehumidifier.
No c02 build up.

Or could this be a natural progression of the plant maturing?"





The pictures did not come through for me but it sounds like it might want some more nitrogen. By the sounds of the lower leafs yellowing. But could be a number of things. I’m not a hydro grower so not sure what range your PH wants to be in.

way too warm ideal is around 68f
I would convert to C but I don’t think you need me to the goal is to have res nutrient solution lower temp than plants themselves at 80f your water holds little to no o2 and roots suffocate leading to root rot and bacteria issues add ice packs to res