Opinion of Grow Kit for Beginner

Hey there folks,

Just wanted to get opinion on this grow kit which I can get for ~$1100 CAD. It seems like a pretty “complete” and reasonable kit with at least decent components (from my limited research and knowledge).

Reflective Mylar Grow Tent 4 x 4 x 6.5 ft.
VIPARSPECTRA 900W LED Grow Light (R900).
LED Glasses and Case.
7-Day Dual Outlet Digital Timer.
6" Quiet Inline Tube Fan With Speed Controller (INTAKE).
6" Inline Tube Fan With Speed Controller (EXHAUST).
6" X 16" Carbon Filter.
6" Ducting, clamps, clips, filter straps and duct tape.
Two 6" Clip-on Fan.
Pair of Rope Ratchets.
pH meter and PPM meter.
Six 5-gallon fabric pots.

I have posted here before as I started one test plant (auto flowering) and after some initial hiccups it seems to be doing well…starting to flower now.

So yeah just wonder what more experienced growers think of this set up for a beginner? I plan initially to grow 4 plants.

I think it’s priced a little high. You could source those things yourself for less I’m sure.


Nice setup except that you’ll need 2 lights to give you the footprint you’ll need for 4 nice plants. The light would be a bit weak for 4x4 to grow badass plants.

900 watts not enough?..I will have to see what I can do…thx.
Opps this was suppose to be in reply to skgrower…my bad.

I will see what I can do. I am in Canada obviously. Any sites you recommend?

Kits are bad because of the lights. Period. If you can dump over $1000 on a setup, spend 60% of that on lights, 30% on ventilation, and the rest on BS.

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Most lights have 120° beam coverage. That means that something that’s 14" wide by 20" long which most lights are is only going to barely cover a 2.5 x 2.5 area with the bright light you need for dense buds growth @Botrytis

That’s $560… Now find a tent for $99 and you’re there. Can I be a professional shopper :slight_smile: with other people’s money LOL


I hear what you guys are saying but I think I need to remind you that I am Canadian. Our dollar is is low at the moment compared to USD therefore $1000 CAD is only ~$760 USD. Plus if I purchase in US there is import charges, shipping, etc. Pretty sure I can write off my expenses as a medical expense come tax season so that helps with “budget”.

I have read that yes the ventilation and lights are probably the most important but also a good tent? (gorilla? +kind LED?).

Thank for help folks. Need to hit google some more see what I can come up with.

What they’re saying about the light is it’s not actually 900 watts. When people here tell you how much light you need it is based on the actual watts pulled from the outlet. If you go look at the fine print on that light you’ll see it probably only pulls about half that or less. It’s a fairly shady business practice you’ll find on most of the Amazon Chinese lights. The Viparspectra lights seem to do a good job from those that use them but considering you’d need 2 of them you’re better off buying one good light for the price of two of those.

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Whaaaay over priced

The President finally got fake eye-brow boy to agree to a trade deal. Those tariffs and your dollar value will soon be better.

LOL not that we should probably talk politics but it more that the USD will devalue from here…not so much that the CAD will appreciate. RiP USD as the reserve currency IMVHO but that is way off topic and discussion for another time.

I did some reading about lights today and I hear what you all saying. Damn “good” lights are pricey.

If you guys have a secret place to buy stuff let me know :smile: I have checked prices on numerous sites and they all seem about the same, even individual components.

Update: I contacted sales about the LED light actually and this is what they said about it. This LED light does have good reviews.

“To answer your question about the Viparspectra R900 – yes, it is part of the Reflector series. See the detailed product information by clicking light. This light will maximize your yields in the 4x4 tent because it offers just more 70watt of light per square foot – this is at the top end of the recommended 50-75w lighting strength.”

Not sure how they came to that math actually…

If we’re talking about the Chinese lights from Amazon, you can do a search here on blurple lights and you can get a good idea of which one is the most popular. If you really want to have a chance to grow badass weed, go to the LETS TALK DIY LIGHTS thread and @dbrn32 and others will help you build a light that gives you great results if you do the other 2 things (food & water) right. I went the cheaper route at first and got sick of spending 4 months on a plant to get 2 oz. That was with 800 actual watts of Chinese lights. I don’t grow skinny plants either.

It’s just going to make you happier if you pony up enough money for decent equipment at the outset if you’re going to grow more than 2 plants.