Oops! I can fix this!

It has just dawned upon me! I put a bag of FF soil (12 lbs?) into a three or four gallon plastic pot and now the walls of Troy are protecting my plant from the reflective light of the grow tent! (What a maroonski thing to do!) I am not sure if the grow light is sufficient to get light to all of the plant with that obstacle. I was thinking of cutting the pot to about a half inch above the soil line. (And, I probably need a bigger light for the next go round.) Been researching lights already, suggestions about cutting the container?


You can cut the sides of the pot down if you want to but the plant will grow above the pot edge in just a few days (well at least mine grow very fast at that stage).

I was just wondering why you chose not to fill the pot all the way…

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She will grow above the sides of the pot.
You can add some more soil later if you want too.
As far as lights what are you using now?
What size space are you looking to light as that will help with light model recommendations.

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I only had the one bag. Lol

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I am using a 2 by 2 by 6 Mars hydro. I have a Phantom one full spectrum light Full spectrum light.

So the tent is a 2x2x6 and is this your light?

Wasn’t able to find any other with your description of it

The name on the light’s label was Phantom 1. “Optic PhatSlim One LED Grow Light” was how it was advertised.

That light will cover one plant to harvest.

Fortunately, that is all I’m growing at a time until I get educated and more experienced with this. I was thinking about getting another tent, perhaps 4X2 and a suitable light for that size…try two plants…use this 2x2 to hang provided I make it to a harvest.