Only 8 inches after 6 weeks

From a fellow grower:

I am not sure what I am doing wrong and just wanted to getting some insight from an expert. Right now I am using a homemade soil blend of peat, worm castings, vermiculite, and red rock for aeration. Feeding with fish fertilizer and kelp every third day and watering with worm tea in between, while also misting leaves 1x per day with a blend of water, chamomile tea, and hydrogen peroxide to keep away pest and fungus. Under T5s, using a PH of 6.5, starting in 4in pots, transferring to 3gal then to 15gal before flowering (where they would then be transferred to the HPS). It has been about six weeks and the girls are still only approximately 8 inches tall. I feel I am doing everything correctly, I don’t know if it is the seeds or something on my end possibly with wattage or fertilizers or potting size.

some strains grow faster than other - consider a good “root stimulator” (mychorriza) other than that you are doing everything correct !!!

Something to consider might be the ventilation and the air in the environment. If the air is not being replaced by fresh air, often enough, the CO2 will be used up and if you aren’t supplementing CO2, fresh CO2 won’t be entering the environment, and this could be slowing your growth.

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I would up your lights to 400 watts or better. I believe that will do the trick for ya.


using BioBizz root juice