One out of four has an issue

All 4 White Widow autoflowers have received the same water/food/care. Fox Farm soil and Grow More nutes.
Only one has a grown different. It always has been taller, stretching, yellowish, and now orange on the leaves.
Here’s 2 pics. One of the “normal” 3 and the strange one.

The affected plant is maturing faster also.

Did the seed look any different an it may have stuck to the roots and caused it to be agitated

Nope. Seeds all looked good.
Never heard of a sticking seed.
I’m gonna chock this up to the genetics of this particular plant. I can’t see why it would be so different.

I can’t say exactly where but there is a thread on here where someone shows the root system with a shell still stuck to the roots an it hendered the growth

Shred fill out the ticket we’ll see if we can sort it out :slight_smile:

looks to be Cal-mag deficiency
but would need more info to narrow it down Shred I figure this may help you a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks Donald. What I find so strange is that only one plant is having an issue. They’ve all got the exact same treatment.
It seemed to perk up and green up more with the last feeding so I’ll repeat the mix.
The little buds are getting frosty already. I’m hoping she’ll finish before it gets any worse.
Meanwhile the other 3 White Widows are dark green and healthy. Strange.
Hers another pic. Notice the leaf corruption.

Been my experience that no two cups of dirt are exactly the same much like no two run off ppm or ph’s are she is a hybrid so some genes may be more sensitive or faster to show symptoms.
Just a thought

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wondering if cal/mag helped out here?
did you cover it in journal post and i missed it maybe?

i am in week 6flower and 1 plant has begun to show same signs as one in this thread.
added cal/mag yesterday. hoping it clears out, did that work for you>?

he harvested so i assume he fixed the issue funny how often people don’t follow up with results or updates though I agree :slight_smile:

Nothing I did helped. These plants went off so fast that it was a mute point. All the leaves in the plants got yellower and yellower as the trichomes turned cloudy and amber.

im a good 4 weeks from harvest. so, riding it out, i dont think is an option.

ill have to check in couple hours when lights come on.

thanks for the update.