One more : harvest or wait a week thread

Hello all

This is the second of plant of my first grow . As you can see, been having some issues but hoping to actually get a harvest .

It’s a twisted tree auto Newberry in COM soil with some Com dry amendments .
Age is unknown as it was severely stunted and in the back of the tent for a while.

I’m seeing cloudy with a drop of amber and some just getting cloudy Trichomes . But the leaves look to this rookie like it’s on its last legs …

Any thoughts of how long to ride this out? I’d like to get a more sedative smoke if I can

Thanks in advance for any thoughts

And here’s some of the plants


Very nice plant , lots of cloudy Crystals with a little Amber definitely in the window to harvest.
Good luck !


Looks great to me bud. I would be prepping for her 2 days of dark then harvest. My girl scout cookies extreme is in the dark right now. Happy harvesting


I’m thinkin she’s there, but if you’re wanting more couch lock you could wait a little longer there’s still some clear trichomes and just a few ambers


Looks fine if it’s a sativa chop it if it’s indica wait another week or so


Thanks all for the replies