One grow down Really screwing up the second

I had 5 white widow grown over the summer. With all the help on here they were great SO for second grow I had the genius idea to put 2 in the same pot. 10 gallon with 2 CBD Queen. And another with Church CBD. Not a good idea. They take a ton of watering. Using FFOF. The strained are 1:1 and 2:1. Photo plants. What a PITA. I was spoiled 1st time was relatively easy. I’ve already bought White Widow CBD from ILGM for next spring. Silly me to think I could game the system. (I got 2 pounds off the first grow so no biggie). I do feel sorry for the girls cause they are struggling. I hate to disappoint the lady’s.

lesson learned.
Putting multiples in the same pot is hard because every plant wants different things.
Some grow slower, need more calcium or less nutes in general. If one is done early and you chop it now you have decomposing plant roots on your others. Better off to give each a solo home.

Yep. That’s what I learned. We’ll see if I get them to flower. Gonna flip the switch late next week.

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Tried two White Widows in the same pot using hydro & I don’t think I’ll ever do that again as one finished much earlier than the other.

Im for ever done with more the 2 strains and i wouldnt run em together im taking clones of 1 strain from 4 diff mothers each mother will be flowered out every 3rd clone session as she will root bound but ive been stuck on perpetual from the begining and best results i see comming will be all 1 strain at a time… I was trying to open a baskin robins of weed i had 13 strains …not a good idea couldnt get to all moms before they would root bound so i was wasting time