On Track for Another Early Finish?

I have (3) plants going this grow. OG Kush, Runtz and a Amnesia Haze. My Kush and Runtz trichomes seem to be going amber fast. Haze with more sativa is somewhat behind.

Here are few notes from journal:

These are photos from this morning. 39 days (5.4 weeks) from 12/12.

OG Kush:


I am probably being a little over optimistic, but at the rate of change I don’t see another week left, let alone making it to 8 weeks stated by the breeder.

I look forward to your comments


Can you put up a picture of one representative cola and an overall shot of plant/plants in white light? Remember to look at flower calyx and not sugar leaves.


Thanks for the reply. I tried to give pictures of only the calyx, I use the sugar leaves as another indicator (like pistil color) to gauge things.

This is OG Kush from 6 days ago. Right now they are in lights out mode so I can’t take any more photos till tomorrow. Hope this helps.


Pretty plants and getting close. I would say you still have 10 days to 2 weeks before thinking about harvest.


Thanks for the compliment. That would put them right at what the breeder states, which makes sense. Out of all the indicators of my plants being ready to harvest, my go to is the trichome color on the calyx. It just seems like a nice defining event (obvious) when you see them go amber. Then the percentage of amber vs opaque seems to be somewhat of a personal preference.

I get the feeling you are looking at some other aspects besides just trichome color, can you school me lil?


Happy to: I look more for the overall appearance (aspect) of the mature flower to determine when to harvest. Normally these hybridized strains develop late flower foxtails and an overall ‘lumpy’ appearance. Like this:

All pistils have receded except for a few being pushed by the foxtails.


Great info, thanks! A couple grows ago that is exactly what I noticed, foxtails and lumps… they also had a good yield; about 3.5 ounces each plant.

Do use the trichomes at all as a gauge?

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Not really. I’ve seen plants that never turned amber and others that did it early. Dry and cure smooths it all out for me.


Thanks for the help my friend