On the right track?

A question from a fellow grower;

I had been shown a grow a friend of mine had once. He used a large plastic trash can with the lid, had lined it with aluminum foil. He would plant a single plant in a 5 gallon bucket. He used a light with 4 of those twisty looking bulbs, and used computer fans. He related to me he used regular potting soil. And just tap water. His kush was pretty amazing.
Any advice? Am I on the right track?

Sure !!! anyway one can grow marijuana and get some return is a sucess - doing what you are doing is good - sure you will learn a lo- your next grow is alway’s better than the last Happy Cultivation !!!

I agree. The only thing I can add is that by building a grow system in a trash can, you are limiting potential yield.

Look into something like this grow tent. Perhaps that one is a little big. Look at other options. This may allow you to yield 2-3 times what you would from a can grow.

Either way; Happy growing, lw