Old Storage New Storage

After wracking our brains for weeks trying to figure out how to store our flower the best solution for us seemed to be a wine refrigerator. We wanted one that would get to 65 degrees. And it seemed that to get one with a wider range and bigger was going to run us anywhere from $600-800. We crawled our country butts to the nearest city, 110 miles away, to Costco (and I mean that like “to dance” because if you live like we do, “To Costco” is an action more than a destination.) Our plans were to get a wine refrigerator. Lo and behold, Costco had exactly what we wanted and it was only $250.

Our weed had previously been stored in this cooler in the garage. Living in the Land of Enchantment means finding a ‘dark, cool area’ anywhere in the summer is nigh on impossible. I just kept thinking all the cannabis we get over the border in Colorado and our brand new harvested grow, were deteriorating far more than we could have ever realized.

Our kids tell us the cooler is “epic” and will be a family heirloom. Good thing. I doubt the dank smell it now holds will never go away. A lasting legacy from the stoner grandparent’s.


Can you control humidity in that wine fridge?

No. Oh that we could. We are going to have figure something out. The thing is though, if everything is stored in glass jars or silicone ziplock bags humidity wouldn’t matter one way or the other?

I could put a wet sea sponge in there like I did with my guitars in their cases

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