Old man time out door grow

What sex am I dealing with. Week 4 of flowers.


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Can’t see any pistils do you have any closer shots looking very much male to me

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Male plant

looks male to me, i can see his balls :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just a FYI, if you post just one picture as to multiple at a time, it will let others zoom in on it more :grin:

Please don’t cross post! There are full pictures that can be zoomed in on the other post. @Not2SureYet @Donaldj Need help out side grow in week 4 of flower

Not sure I am following you here. I didn’t post this and didn’t know he posted else where too. I was just saying if he only posted one picture at a time. We could zoom in on it to see better.

MALE unfortunately @Oldmantime. I defer to @Donaldj though. Need one up close picture at a time. Can’t zoom in if there’s more than one at a time.


I hate to say this, but I think you have a hermie there.

Does it look clear or cloudy. You can magnify this one. Thanks

It looks mostly cloudy, but I don’t see any amber yet. I also see seed pods.

I picked a bud to smoke. Didn’t find any of seeds. Nice smoke. Nice and sticky bud.


Well, i’m glad you’re not finding seeds, but I think there will be some eventually.

I’m going to try any pick it before that happens. If you think thay are cloudy. How much longer due you think i have ?

It’s really hard to tell, but I don’t see any amber, so I would start checking it every day and at the first sign of amber give ita few more days. For now, I would say at least a week.

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Thanks i will let you know how it turns out.

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I see mostly cloudy, all pistols are receding and calyx are swollen. Should be close.

I keep reading all the form topics. Can’t find any thing quite like these oddballs. It makes two off us. Thank for all the help.