Ok.a ? Or opinion

Best time to chop her Down AM, full warmth of the day, evening, or night. And if you don’t mind a brief why. This is a outdoor grow
Thank you

I harvest based on time convenience and have never seen convincing research on intra-day harvest timing. A lot of what you see on intra=day harvest timing and things like dark periods, ice baths, stem splitting is bro science that is anecdotal at best.


Thank you and has much as I would expect from the masses, yes I harvest out of convenience. What a better way to spend a day off then gathering bounty

Like stated, harvesting at a specific time (morning or evening) is Bro science. It will make no difference to your plants.

I do recommend a bud wash in peroxide though.

How about pictures?

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Yes it is Bud wash for sure been batting Bud Rot from caterpillars using Montery BT and Captin Jacks dead bug sprays ,will get a few pics up here in a few, once I microscope them again to be sure

here are some pics it is Afghan and Pure indica close to 13 weeks + flowering, sorry for the bad pics just learning the microscope.

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Looking good. How many weeks has the plant been flowering? Expect to harvest at 8 to 10 weeks from the start of flowering. Time from sprout isn’t really relevant.

Be sure that you are looking at trichomes on flower calyxes and not those on sugar leaves, The trichomes on the leaves will ripen much faster than those on flower.

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Second week of July IIRC the first signs of Buds showed so we pushing 13 weeks in flower, I live in the upper part of the lower Penn of Michigan and it seems things are a lil slower ( and most people haha), had the same last yr with Photo GG planted late June harvest 3rd week of Oct. these went in beginning of June, seeded early May I believe at about 12" babies and are going to be earlier, have learned to not look at sugar leaves, if they told harvest time they would be hanging by now, thanks for all your and everyone here for the knowledge been a few many yrs for me growing, things are coming back, but ya dont know what ya don’t know until the light bulb goes off. cheers