OHH XMAS tree Gold Leaf auto?

This was the last of my gold leaf All the rest from this ILGM seed order grew in typical auto fashion, This little lady decided to do her own thing. Right now she is 59 inches tall and about 2 and a half feet across,The seed was dropped on Oct. 2 and sprouted within two days. On Dec. 28 she is starting week nine of bloom. The other four plants started at the same time , different strains are about two weeks or so to harvest, This one is still filling in.


dont know how I got the pics flipped will try to fix

Wow…you should have decorated that thing for Christmas for sure!

Yeah, it posted as a thumbnail and is hard to see, especially for blind folk like me. lol

better pics


these are the other strains that were started at the same time. single bud picture is a girl scout cookies extreme. The group pic is from front right ww auto, front left is gscx auto, left rear is a gdp auto and the right rear is the gscx in the single bud picture. As you can see there is quite a maturity and size difference.