Oh no! Am I killing the babies?

I know the Pictures are not real good . I took them with my loupe attached to my cell phone. Can anyone identify these spots?
The are only on the bottom first set of leaves.
I am growing DWC
Plants are 20 days old since they popped their head.
This is a sweet cream auto
Ph is 5.7
Ppm 352
Room temp 77
Rh 48
Foxfarm nutrients for hydro 1/2 strength
Under full spectrum UFO Led 216 watt not sure if that is from wall or actual.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Have you been using a calmag supplement yet??

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First pic looks like some sludge or some pest, but it’s hard to make out…


Some kind of poop possibly


@Familyman I ordered it and I am waiting for it to arrive. That was my first thought.

@MattyBear Sludge? Do you mean that I need to flush my bucket again?
I am new to all of this and not sure what you mean. Thanks

@Hogmaster what type of bugs do hydro plants typically get? Would they only be on the first set of bottom leaves?


Aphids spidermites but I’m a soil grower but I’m sure about the same

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How big is now is now the plant wash it with soap warm water or cut the infected leaves :maple_leaf: out

Is it a harvest or a few weeks in

get some of this

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@Hogmaster They are 20 days old have a while to go yet.

This stuff works great on everything

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@Hogmaster I assume I can get that at any hydro store?

Thank you for your time and support

I get it on amazon

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Here is a link it’s cheap I use them even outside on fire ants and all kinds of stuff

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Lol won’t ship to Canada I get that alot

hard to tell. if it ends up being a dry brown spot then it could be a fungus from misting plants. i got a fungus that way and quit misting them and havent had it since.

If you had a PH departure at any point before now it can manifest as brown spots. Keep an eye on it and watch for other problems.