OGKush CBD question

My OGKush CBD plants are in the early flowering stage and some of the fan leaves are yellowing as I am use to seeing in my other non-cbd plants. My question is, do the yellowing fan leaves still contain enough cbd to harvest and process? I hate to waste any of these plants as my wife really benefits from the salve I make for her. So, any info you might have on the cbd content of these leaves would be appreciated!

Typically fan leaves don’t contain much of value. Up to you though.

CBD is present in everything above ground in cannabis.
THC is in trace amounts as well, but mostly in the trichomes
So yes, the leaves contain CBD as well as the stems,

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Thanks Spiney, I just read that this morning. Still not sure if the cbd is still in the yellow leaves. It’s not a huge deal, it just don’t want to waste any of the plants. They are doing well, 6’ tall and healthy.


My idea would be to remove them as soon as they start to lose green.
Now if a lot start to yellow at once you have to suspect a problem.


That is what I am thinking as well. It is normal for the lower fans to yellow at this time of their flowering cycle. I’ll keep monitoring them daily as they continue flowering and remove the ones that start to turn and save them for processing. Thanks for the dialogue! It helped me decide to go this way.
There is not a mass yellowing happening, just the normal. They are an outside grow,

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