OGangster1975 Grow Journal

Day 15 from popping fresh seeds into this soil. They perked up in the last 24 hours thanks to this form! Grow dots and Rejuvenate baby!

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Here we are at Day 21. I started top dressing with worm castings and Craft Blend from Build O Soil a few days ago. I’m going to continue this course of feeding the soil from this point on. They had a slow start with over watering at first. But I think they are looking good. At least with my first time grower eyes. Thanks to all for the pointers in the above comments.

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Hi. They look much better! Why do you have the plastic tarp over the soil? I wouldn’t recommend that as you’re trapping moisture and heat making it ideal for mold.

That cover is made for the earthbox it is the correct way to use the earthbox. While top dressing and covering will cause many feeder roots! If I was the op I would use the cover as recommended.

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Got it. Not familiar with earthbox.

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@gembudz Using this cover is what the instructions say to do. I just put it on 2 days ago. I appreciate your advice. I was worried about my girls at first. I still have quite a few weeks to go. But I’m off to a good start. I just got a tent. I have my environment dailed in pretty good in my little bathroom grow. I’ll use the tent on my next run.


@DarhkGrows. Feeder roots. That’s what I was looking for in my last comment. I just put the cover on 2 days ago. This forum has been very helpful to me as a first time grower.


I use Earthbox’s for my organic grows. I love my Earthbox’s, they grow quality dank monster girls. I topdress to feed my soil and the soil will feed the plant. I use a mister to top water until the plant gets big enough for reservoir filling. I do use the cover they provide. It keeps the top of the soil moist and you can actually see the feeder roots up top in the compost. Craft blend is great stuff, top it off with good quality compost. I have a journal with my trials and errors, feel free to stop by. Here’s where the Earthbox journey starts

Just to clarify the Fox Farms being organic info

They do have some organics but most are not. Their dry ammendments are organic and so is their soil. Big Bloom, wholly mackerel, kelp me kelp you, and sledgehammer are also organic.
Not organic is tiger bloom, grow big and a lot of their other bottle nutes.
Happy growing :v::green_heart:

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Here we are at Day 29. Lots of growth in the last week. I too dressed over the weekend with Craft blend and worm castings.

It looks like the tips of my larger fan leaves are a darker green than the rest of the leaf. And they are sagging down. What could be causing this?

Here we are at day 36. Drinking a lot now. Finally… this should be week 1 of flower for these two autos.

And flowering has officially started on day 43