OG Kushman grow #1

First time grower. 40x40 tent, viparspectra ks3000. Using 4 inches of FFHF on top of FFOF for the rest. Blue dream Auto. 8 days since it broke ground. Jacks 321 on standby. Temps ranging from 68f to 82f (workong on stabilizing.) RH staying steady around 50%.


Off to a great start! :+1:t2::seedling:


Looking good

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14 days today since broke ground. Been running the ks3000 at 50%, bumped it up to 75% today. Not sure exactly when. If and how i should adjust the light setting. Its sitting sbout 20 inches away. Plant looks to be on the short side and i. Nit sure if the lighting is s cause for it. I did rest some additional soil around the base because it send to be leaning some with growth. Hoping it helps straighten it back up.


Day 17. On day 16 i trimmed off everything that was not 5 leaves. Measuring about 5 inches tall. About 24 inches from light. Humidity is all over the place.

Also have my dad inlaw froot by foot thats been topped. Looks like heat stress. Its about 3 inches taller then the blue dream. Not sure how to proceed to remedy the issue