OG Kush Auto Hydro

OG Kush autoflower. Began to flower 5/10. Hydro grow. Trimmed the larger leaves to allow for better light penetration. First time growing this. Any suggestions and or experience on how long to flower before harvesting?


They are looking healthy @Newguy999 welcome to the machine!

I’d say a full flower for hydro can go 10-12 weeks. If you are keeping you reservoir cleaned every 4 weeks until flower.
I swap out buckets every four weeks until flower. After week two of 12 hour nights is my last swap out. That week I load up with the mid-flower nutrition mix and don’t stop until the last two weeks when I’m just adding water and some bloom booster.


Interesting. I have the lights on 24/7. Ws doing 18 hours of daylight until last week. I have never changed the water. Guess I should. Thinking 70 days with no nutrients that last two weeks. Throwing a lot of nutrients in the water now with emphasis on flower power. This baby can suck up some water. Thanks for you input.

Do you check your pH level in your bucket? Are you keeping them within 5.5-6.5?
Are you using any beneficial microbes? I’m using Hydroguard which can help break down unused nutrients and plant excrement.
Also can you turn on the Flash on your phone when taking pictures to help see colors of plant. This will help diagnose health much better.
Replacing the water in your DWC (Deep Water Culture) cannabis indoor grow is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Nutrient Availability: Plants absorb nutrients from the water, and over time, the nutrient concentration decreases, which can limit plant growth. Fresh water ensures consistent access to necessary nutrients.
  2. Waste Removal: Plants excrete waste into the water, which can build up and harm them if not removed. Regular water replacement eliminates these harmful substances.

The frequency of water replacement can depend on factors like the type of plant, its growth stage, and water quality. Generally, during the early growth stages, water replacement might be needed once every few weeks. As the plant matures, especially during the blooming phase, the frequency should increase.

For the pH range, it’s recommended to maintain a slightly acidic environment, typically between 5.5 and 6.5. This range ensures that plants can easily take in all the nutrients they need.

The flowering stage for OG Kush in a DWC hydro grow typically takes between 8-9 weeks. However, this can vary depending on specific grow conditions and the plant’s response.

During the last 14 days of flowering, it’s important to adjust your feeding schedule. You should aim for complete weekly nutrient bath changes at a minimum. Pro growers may check their baths once or twice a day in late bloom, topping up with nutrients as needed. It’s also common to reduce nitrogen and increase potassium to stimulate flowering. Some growers also add supplements like crystal burst and snow storm ultra during the final weeks to enhance bud quality.

In a hydroponic system like DWC, beneficial microbes can be introduced to help break down plant exudates and other organic matter, keeping the nutrient solution clean and balanced. They can also help protect plants against pathogens by competing with harmful bacteria and fungi, creating a healthier root environment for the plants. It’s important to manage these microbial populations carefully, ensuring they are provided with the conditions they need to thrive and contribute to the system’s health.

Great info. Changing water now and in the future. Ph out of whack. Also picked up some hydro guard and crystal burst. Having a blast with this hydro stuff. Also growing some outdoors. Hydro plant is much more prolific than outdoor plant. Looks like yield will be more than 5x outdoor plant. Thanks again for the info. Also trying my hand with feminized seed (not autoflower) Girl Scout extreme to be harvested in fall. Great grow going on there. Looks like it will be a much larger plant than outdoor og kush auto flower grow.

Search - when to harvest. Need to examine the plant for changes, I use a microscope to check Bulbous trichomes. Clear = not yet, milky = almost, light amber = ready, dark amber = well done but may produce a harsh smoke. Its typically a mix of different colors so also use the color of the pistils as a guide.