Offsetting costs

I’m thinking that on average I smoke a half ounce a month (200$) that, given I disregard initial investment in equipment then electric costs (120$ a month) would require me to harvest 1.5 ounces every 3 months to break even (400$/ounce)

That’s with 2 tents. So if I harvest double that I don’t incur any additional costs but get more bud. Not sure if my math makes sense.

How many plants would I need to get 3 oz every harvest (3 months)?

One plant can get you 3 oz. I only grow 2 at a time and average 2.5/3 oz per plant. I’ve found getting more from less is much better than having to tend to 10 plants. All the testing and electric costs… ugh. Who needs it. Lol!


Is that on a 3 month harvest schedule? Or longer? I’d like to keep it to 3 months total seed to weed

With two tents and the proper lights; yep. Rotate them… one seed/veg, the other in bloom. POW! Every 3 months you harvest… you just need to get the cycle going.


That’s gonna be a tight schedule for a rotation every 3 months. If you veg for no less than 1 month then that only leaves 2 months for your timeline and the 2 week flower transition, leave less then 2 months on your timeline.
But 2 tents you should be able to do it, once you get it goin

3 months is a tight schedule is all I was say8j not impossible buy tight


Maybe 2 autos and 2 photos rotation so the autos can harvest to offset the extra veg time for the photos?


Also clones will speed things up


I have 4 tents in one room. 3x3x5 3x3x6 4x5x7 and a 6x6x6 I think i could pull it off.
My next Journal mite be on a continued rotation. Time line to be figured out later. Using Auto plants and Feminized plants. Now that would be cool to see the out come.



All you have to do is offset the tents by 4 weeks. You’d have a total of 12 weeks. You may have to start seedlings separately but once the cycle is going every 3 months you can harvest. However, I’d suggest concentrating on getting heavier yields and not on expediency. Super Skunk has a flowering period of around 50 days. That would be the strain I would use… or you could use autos.

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@garrigan62. Do it!

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Yes I have a skunk#1 that is at Day 44 and about ready to harvest. I am looking for combined weight as I like variation on strains as my tolerance kicks in quite easily.



I see you joined in Feb. but this is the first ime i have had the pleasure of talking and i would also like to Welcome you to ILGM

Looks like i have another journal coming up…lol
you can help and @fever can to…i will keep you both busy…lmao



@garrigan62. Thank you.

I love this forum and I❤️GM. Great products and people that have passion for growing.

I discovered this site maybe 4 years ago… ? Was really sick of trying to grow bag seed and having sketchy results. So I made the leap and ordered seeds. Was very impressed with the variety of seeds and prices. Since that time I think I❤️GM has doubled if not tripled the variety of strains. Hats off to the staff and Robert.

Tag me in it if you do brother. I eventually want to have a continual harvest set up, but it is can hone in growin these dwc buckets and a couple plants are a time with a scrog I believe I’m gonna set myself up for success haha, hopefully

@Fever if you did an 8 plant rotation and planted 2 every three months I think you could make that work. Of course the first harvest would be around 4 months, then every three months after that. So if you used 2 4x8 tents you could split them in half…

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Im thinking 8 plant rotation but 4 are autos. 1 auto and 1 photo at a time while vegging others?

I would pair the autos together. But I think either way would be ok? Easier paired up in the long haul but doable either way?

2 autos (while vegging photos) all at 18/6
Harvest the autos change to 12/12 then move in the 2 photos (plant 2 autos)
Harvest the photos move in the autos (change light back to 18/6)

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@Fever, I think that’s a good idea, you can veg the auto w/ photoperiods! That’s why they pay u the big money!

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