Odd leaf coloring since I transplanted this plant

Is this just transplant shock? It looks like the color of new growth, but the way it is looks weird to me.

The only color we can see is purple. Please post pics taken in natural light and we’ll do our best to help.

If it is the new growth having a lighter color of green than older growth, then no need to worry. It will fill in with darker green (due to chlorophyll production) as the new grow ages.


Sorry. I didn’t even realize the first picture was that bad. I must’ve been bombed.

Is that picture a bit better?

If you can- turn off the grow light and snap a picture with flash. Or move the plant into an area with natural lighting🤙🏼 some grow lights can make this diagnosing thing difficult.


That second picture is exactly how the plant looks with the flash.

This plant was perfectly healthy before the transplant. All I did was add dynomyco to help the roots and this plant is on fire now. Hmmm….

The leaves are still perked up and facing the light. Other than the coloring, it still seems healthy. I hope this isn’t some disease or something, but I have ILGM plant protector kit coming, just in case.

Hard to determine the problem, but likely is something to do with the soil. FFOF right? Do you have a PPM and pH meter?

I do. Milwaukee PH meter and a couple different tds meters. It PH’d right around 6.5 or so yesterday. I didn’t check the TDS, though.

Ok, that’s good.

Are you waiting for the soil to be dry between waterings?
What temps are you dealing with?

FFOF can be really hot and have really low pH out of the bag.

Id do a slurry test to check soil pH. Pretty easy.
Take some soil from that plants bucket and throw it in a jar about 1/4 of the way. Add bottled or RO water until the jar is about half full. Give it a good shake for 30 seconds or so, then let it sit until it separates in the water. Usually an hour, pour the water out of the mixture and check the pH.

I checked water for the ppm at the input with two meters and one said 850 and the other said 1400. Ummmmm….

My RO isn’t installed yet and I don’t buy bottled water. Is there a way to just check the input ppm before so I know what was in the soil versus the water?

I’d bet one is 500 scale and the other is 700 scale. But it’s hard to say.

As for checking PPMs, we’d want to know what the run off is at. So next time you water, do it until you have about 20% run off and check the PPMs/pH. This will give you an idea of how hot your soil is and where the pH sits. This should be done every time you water. Watering to run off keeps the nutrients flowing through and avoids build up. Commonly referred to salt build up, burning, lock out. This can also be caused by low pH of a soil. If it’s not in range 6.3-6.8 it can make it hard for the plant to consume said nutrients. So it literally will ignore them, it sits idle in the soil and builds up.

I suggested bottled or RO for a slurry test because in terms of pH it’s neutral (low PPMs) and will tell us what your soil pH is at, roughly. Where as tap water has stuff in it and has a pH because of that which will distort the readings.

This is right out of the faucet.

If you are just checking the PPMs of your tap test a clean cup with the water in it. PPM (parts per million) will read the stuff in that sediment in the bucket. If this is your rendition of that slurry test there is no point in checking PPMs this way. It’s only for an idea of your mediums pH. Using tap will give you false readings.

Technically there’s no point of checking ppm for organic growers. A lot of the ppl is my worm tea. Ppm is high. There’s only two plants affected so it must not be too high. I transplanted 10 plants.

If this is fox farm soil it should be checked at run off. I was trying to help. Many of us started with fox farm, and moved away from it for a reason. :man_shrugging: take care.

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I know. I’m just wondering how I could tell what is safe and not going to burn the plants when it comes to ppm. Worm castings add ppm, but it’s all safe for the plants. The ppm went in at 774 and came out over 3,000. Yikes.

I only tested the outside to avoid water logging the plant.

What do you use now? I think I’m going to just let it ride. If the soil somehow raised the PPM up that much and that plant isn’t dead yet, that plant is going to be in beast mode soon. Lmao. That’s a gold leaf.

PH went in at 5.86 and came out at 6.33. I assume you just add the difference to the output to get the soil number?