Oceans mini clone grow

Decided to take my clone that took off like a rocket in about 7 days and topped her and put her outdoors in a mix of about 80% manure, 15% perlite and 5% black gold soil…

This is not meant to really grow and produce, I just wanted to test a primary manure grow but didn’t wanna waste a seed…I have no clue what the strain is as I took it while doing a defoliation of my main girls.


That’ll be another 1-3 lbs

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Lol I’m just gonna kinda see what happens, expectations are low but you never know

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What kind of manure, and how rotted is it?

Following along

Bagged Cow, and it has been outside for a while…I usually spread it in my raised veggie garden when I turn the soil, and this is what was left of a 2cf bag…just needed to clean up my storage and decided to see what would happen instead of throwing the clone away, so I have 0 expectations


3 days later:


I have no idea why ima do if this thing just happens to take off…even tho it’s legal 3 of my neighbors are cops, and they spend a lot of time over hanging out… but hey know I have a room and like to see it often, and have even offered advice :joy::joy::joy: the law is it has to be “out of public view” so I spose I’ll build a wall lmao

Didn’t want to start a new topic, so I’m hoping someone can assist me here instead. @Happilyretired i know you do outdoor… I have a crap ton of auto seeds I got as freebies through orders, so I decided I’m going to try an outdoor grow with a couple…having said that. I realized have no clue how to start them (I’ve been doing all indoors and using coco)…I’ve read that you shouldn’t transplant autos, so after I soak them like normal, can I just put directly into the 7 gal pots? I’m using up the last of a bag and half of happy frog with some added pearlite in 7 gal fabrics.

And secondly do I need to “dome” them for a while, and lastly should they go into direct sun or shaded area for a while first then full sun?

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Shes looking good my friend, I would love to assist ya but I have never done autos outdoors, typically fem an will start em indoors mid March in a cup or something around a quart in size, under CFL light, no dome an 4/20 make the day be all about her an plant her in her permanent home, full sun if it gets to be to much for her I’ll make a makeshift sun block for the hottest part of the day, something thin an narrow to block a few hours, if we get a frost or cooler temps late April or so a bucket should still fit over her, this is in the south

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Hi @Ocean
I grew my first ever auto’s this grow and outdoors.
Just got another gscx started now hoping to get some small buds off it before autumn arrives.
Popped the seed same as usual small amount water few drops h202.
When it Popped i placed it between moist paper towel
Cause the 2nd one wasn’t moving.
From there I had a small pottle with medium of perlite coco worm cast.
Not always but for this first time I had It with my clone.
In a dome tray.
Warm bed underneath 10 watt light above for few nights.
During the day it was in my conservatory white corrugated plastic roof.
When its at its usual hight for transplant I put it in its big pot and placed out side.
I think a little time in semi sunlight/shade until once its established is a good thing. Transition.
Hope that’s helpful

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All mine are out of public view.
Can walk right past them.
Wouldn’t see them unless you went looking
But the nose knows.

So I have 4 or 5 spots picked out in my yard to try them at, one gets full sun about 9 hours a day, but the sun here is brutal (to say the least). So the other spots gets around 5-8 hours direct sun. I don’t mind putting a shad or greenhouse style tarp over them, just not sure if that’s needed.

Then I have what I “think” is a prime spot…about 4 hours in the morning, partial shade from around 11-3, then full sun again in the afternoon from about 3-6… I feel like that’s the best spot just because it seems a little cooler than the full sun all the time spots, and this close to the equator anything “cool” is good lol.

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You can start your seeds the same way you do for your indoor. In my opinion the trick is never let the roots have any restriction. So if you start in Coco you could just put your happy frog in the pot and put a handful of Coco in the middle of it and start your seed in the Coco just like you normally do. It will fairly quickly get roots beyond the Coco and get nourishment from the soil without getting shocked or burned. I would probably start them someplace warm without direct sun. I would also dome them until they get split leaves. Want to get some split leaves take the dome off in the evening and let them acclimate overnight. And then move them out into the sun after a few days once you feel they can handle it.
Go with what you know just tweak it to wear the small plants do not have any root restriction. from my experience that will make auto flowers flip very quickly.


Decided to stick to what I’m comfortable with, with the idea that I’ll put into final home when I see first node develop some.

These will go into a shaded spot for a few days, then to a spot with about an hour a day, and then to the full sun spot.

I did a test with my pots with only soil and watered the hell out of it and within 24 hours it was very dry on top inch of soil, so I think I’m gonna have to water these daily, or every 36 hours at least

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Is there anywhere else that people post pics of their dirt? Lmao


Haha, I definitely woulda found pictures of dirt weird a year ago.


Sounds like a plan Stan. Do it, do what you do.:+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::v:t3:

Well for them a few days old and wanted to get them in their permanent homes since these are autos, got them in a place with about 2 hours of direct light a day for a couple days then I’ll move them to about 7 hours a day…just worried that with the heat here they will burn up if I’m not careful